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Since 1988, Pioneer Builders Inc., has provided General Construction Services in East Tennessee ( Anderson and Knox Counties ).  These services included the following but not limited to:  Office buildings renovation; Residential construction (new, additions and renovations); Design and construct homes in a new subdivision and major renovation of two churches.  We have worked with our customers to set the standard for quality construction in the Inner City.



Victor Ashe Park

Project Owner: The City of Knoxville. Department of Parks and Recreations

Project Address: 4901 Bradshaw Rd. Knoxville, TN

Owner POC: Sam Anderson, Sr. Director of Community Services

POC Phone No.: (865) 215-2090

POC Fax No: (865) 215-2408

POC Email:

Project Amount: $2,200.000.00

Scope of Work: Develop approximately 33 acres into .Four soccer fields with irrigation system, paved roads with offroad parking, walking trails, restrooms, concession stand, pavilions and sidewalks. Pioneer Builders; Inc, received a contract. for $547,342 to construct all of the vertical structureswhich include both, the large and small pavilions, restrooms, concessions stand, pump house, installation, of a metal fence and the entrance sign to the Victor Ashe Park. PBI developed the construction schedule, the schedule of value for invoicing, contracts for subcontractors and the quality control plan.

This project required, working with the owner, general contractor, architects, engineers, many subcontractors, and materials suppliers. PBI coordinated the surveying, excavation, placement of reinforced concrete, construction of reinforced concrete columns, procurement and placement of precast concrete sections. PBI was responsible for managing the construction of a11 of the vertical components, which includes the following but not limited to; coordination of the subcontractors, project quality and site safety.

Joel W. Solomon Federal Building

Project Owner: U.S. General Service Administration

Project Address: 109 Bee Street Charleston, SC

Owner POC: Tom Waller, Contracting Officer

POC Phone No.: (404) 331-4634

POC Fax No: (404) 331-7063

POC Email Address:

Project Amount: $714,042.00

Scope of Work: Provide all labor, materials, equipment and supervision for “Cleaning, Tuck Pointing, Repair Marble Siding and Caulk and Wet Glaze Windows.” The project is the Joel Solomon Federal Building located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

RVR Construction and Replacement at McGhee Tyson Airport

Project Number: DTFASO-03-0588

Project Owner: Federal Aviation Administration

Project Address: Alcoa Hwy. Maryville. TN 37801

Owner POC: Eddie Wright, Contracting Officer

POC Phone No.: (404) 305-5760

POC Fax No: (404) 3O5-5754

POC Email Address:

Project Amount: $247,352.00

Scope of Work: Replace Runway Visual Range, RVR, at Runway 23R and construct three RVR for Runway 23L, at McGhee Tyson Airport, Alcoa, Tennessee. Pioneer Builders, Inc. was the general contractor for the construction of runway visual ranges and installation of approximately 600 lineal feet of asphalt road. PBI provided lead management to address security concerns, coordinate training for all subcontractors and PBI personnel, and worked closely with FAA’s Resident Engineer to ensure that road construction was completed according to plans and specifications. PBI coordinated effort to install approximately 3600 linear feet of duct-bank and the installation of four Runway Visual Range for calibration, testing and placing in service. This system has been accepted by FAA.

Ralph H. Johnson Veteran Medical Center

Project Owner:: Department of Veteran Affairs

Project Address: 109 Bee Street Charleston SC

Owner POC: Daved Kekel, Contracting Officer

POC Phone No.: (843) 789-6333

POC Fax No: (843) 789-6102

POC Email Address:

Project Amount: $718,606.51

Scope of Work: Provide all labor, materials, equipment and supervision for “Clean and Painting the Exterior of the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center” located in Charleston, South Carolina

Construct Kitchens in Building S-453.NAS Mid-South, Millington, TN

Contract Number: N62467-04-C5235


Project Address: Building S-453.NAS Mid-South, Millington, TN

Owner POC: Stacy M. Moering

POC Phone No.: (901) 874-5497

POC Fax No: (901) 874-7757

POC Email Address:

Project Amount: $167,291.00

Scope of Work: Demolishing sleeping quarters and construct two kitchenettes, rooms 211 and 311, of building S-453

NSA MID-SOUTH, Millington, TN

Pioneer Builders Inc, was the general contractor for demolishing two sleeping quarters and the construction of two kitchenettes. The demolition involved removing bathroom fixtures, partition walls, lockers, floor finishes, light fixtures, electrical outlets, sprinklers and HVAC controls. After the demolition, the rooms were prepared for the new kitchenettes. The new construction included the following but not limited to; electrical wiring, plumbing for new appliances, structure framing, installation of revised sprinkler system, drywall and painting, installation of structure framing, installation of ceramic; and acoustical tile, and the installation of kitchen cabinets and appliances. Pioneer Builders, Inc. provided the required management which included planning, scheduling, report preparation, and quality control

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